Spirited Away

Happy Plaid Day!
(checkers and paisley also qualify for spirit points!)

The first thing that happened today was Roomie hearing the bagpipes playing outside and me booking it to the mini-quad in my pajamas to get spirit points. There I found Spontaneous Concert Enthusiast, a.k.a. serial hugger, and Ben, my former Harry-Potter-loving partner in crime. Ben lent me all his plaid clothes and SCE and I made plans to swap plaid clothing at dinnertime so we could both get maximum spirit points.

Then Roomie painted my nails plaid and I colored checkers on my toenails. After that, the day pretty much proceeded normally except for my poetry class going to an orchard and not actually reading much poetry because we were too busy being [college] kids in an [organic] candy store. Mmm, cider donuts. =P And I bought hot pepper jelly to put on crackers with whipped cream cheese! I know that sounds bonkers, but it's delightful, I promise.

After the orchard, I got shirts from Dan and John and layered myself in plaid stuff. I also made sure to bring the sword I improvised out of a cardboard box I found in the recycling room last night (they said you get points for dressing up like Braveheart characters. I guess I should mention that we're pretty Scottish around here, hence the plaid, bagpipes, and Braveheart references.)

I couldn't fit any more shirts on my body, so I started tying them around my waist and neck. I had four pairs of pants, I think. I wore one of them on my head. SCE draped a few more shirts over me at the last second, and then the judges started counting. The sword was worth 75 points. I think I got like 130 total. HELLO, SOX TICKETS!

Except I just realized that most of my Go-Co attire is at home. BUMMER! Who wants to lend me their clothing tomorrow???


Eeeva said...

hahah that's awesome. i wish i had seen you!! thanks. i hope it goes well next week too.

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