Ert+Y76p; 0lu8- what is this???

One of several incoherent poetry-reading assignments of the night:

e. e. cummings

a)s w(e loo)k
S a
rIvInG .gRrEaPsPhOs)

The flip is this garbage? I get that there's a grasshopper and he's jumping around and stuff. But all I can think is....

"Ert + y76P; 0lu8-what is this?? Did the quadratic formula explode??? I see a Strong Ba- in there, but it's getting eaten. By some... Linux or something."

In fact, I think I shall quote that SBemail in class on Tuesday to see if anyone gets it. How awkward it shall be if no one does.

NEW TAITV EPISODE ON THEACADEMYIS.COM. Caution: it's reeeeeaally fuzzy this week. Also, I'm like 97% sure they were spoofing Wayne's World with the air guitars, wacky lingo, and random exclamations of "EXCELLENT!" and "BOGUS!"


Anonymous said...

Actually I think they're spoofing Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure...I think the whole tour is a spoof of that movie. I suppose it's Wayne's World esque though. I think it's about two guys (Bill and Ted) who take an excellent adventure through history and meet all kinds of excellent historical figures. I haven't seen it.

brijenieve said...

Hahaha I love Sbemail. As for the poem, well... *shrug* I have no idea.

Katie said...

I couldn't help reading this aloud to myself in the room, by myself :(, but totally using the accents and "dramatic" pauses that you and Sarah used from the video!

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