Jesus has a new face (again).

After I got my laptop fixed from the time I shut the power cord inside it, the webcam wasn't working. I brought it into the Apple store and the guy at the genius bar entered a code, which seemed to fix it. But then I got back to school and it wasn't working again. Three weeks later, I finally got around to making another appointment (which was a story all it's own... more on that in a minute.) Turns out the brand new display they installed was a dud, so the lappy has another new screen. Fortunately, this one was free of charge.

If I never properly explained why the lappy is named Jesus... it's because he got resurrected after 3 days in the Apple store ER that time I broke his face.

Sooo the story of making my appointment. I was out looking for Halloween costumes with Roomie and Schneckleface last night, and we stopped by the Apple store. I decided I'd just make an appointment to get the dumb webcam fixed so I could cross it off my to-do list. So when I made this appointment, I asked to borrow a pen to write the time on my hand. The guy who was helping me offered me a card to write it on, but I was like "nope. I'll lose that. Hopefully I won't lose my hand. If I don't come back tomorrow, it'll be because I don't have a hand anymore." And for some reason he found this utterly hilarious and begged me to come back. Then as we're leaving Roomie was all, "way to flirt with the Apple store guy...." Which made the whole thing ten times funnier.

The trip to the mall was otherwise a complete failure. Roomie did not find the jeans she wanted. None of us found costumes. I guess a Princess Mononoke outfit is kind of hard to find, even when you limit yourself to simply finding a shapeless purple dress on a clearance rack somewhere. By the time we left, poor Schneckleface was asleep on her feet. But when we went to Target to get drugs for Schneckleface's cold, I found this knit dress that was uber cute, besides being the perfect color and blah-shape for a Miyazaki heroine. It was a bit of a splurge - $30 - but it's serving many a purpose, one of those being to show off my sexytastic legs. XD

Then Schneckleface and I did our hair purple. I tried to bleach part of it first, since I was doing streaks instead of tips this time, but the blonde dye failed. I finally got the strand a shade lighter than it had been and put in the purple. It looks more blue than anything, and unless you look closely, it could totally be mistaken for dark brown. Which I guess is a good thing if I'm going to see my mother in the next month. Even though she's probs reading this. Hi, mom.

Oh, and I got to totally embarrass myself in the bathroom because Philmont, this amazing band from NC, asked fans to help them make a music video by singing along to one of their songs. But first, they asked that the fans prepare in some way - do their makeup, hair, stretch, drink an energy drink - so I filmed myself dyeing my hair, then I donned my headphones and proceeded to rock out all over the bathroom. I lip-synced the whole thing because by then it was past midnight and I didn't want to bother anybody, but this one girl came in while I was going nuts and I confused the heck out of her because she was already half asleep. And of course I couldn't stop to explain. I look pretty flippin special for about 90% of the video, which is unfortunate, but I'm gonna send it anyway and just pray that they use the 10% where I don't look like an r-tard.

Well, I should try and finish some homework before the Art/Music/Justice show tonight, which I'm only going to so that CEC will have money to book Philmont. Maybe I can just do homework DURING the show. It's not like anyone's gonna be dancing. I mean, there are pews. Not to mention people here are pretty conservative for students at a liberal arts college. Merh.



Katie said...

Uber and sexytastic MUST be added to the dictionary! :D Especially if "funner" is now an accepted word. HAHAA! I LOVE YOU!

Eeeva said...

hahahaha you're hilarious!

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