How to be Invisible

Wow, I am really excited at the 8 comments left on my last entry. That's a new record! Thanks everybody! =D

Yes, Schneckleface, I intentionally titled that blog "Cold Turkey" because it was about NOT eating turkey. ^_^

So a brief update on life. Monday I got food poisoning from Lane. I'm not giving up fish because I truly think I can't live without seafood; it's my favorite! So when I saw that fish nuggets were on the menu, I was stoked to eat meat for the first time in almost a week. Buuuut that backfired. And the pain was only made worse by the fact that I got my period at the exact same time I got the food poisoning; in fact, at first I blamed my stomachache on cramps and decided that childbirth would be a bad idea for me. I had to miss my one and only Monday class, which I would normally be excited about because it's kind of boring (tutoring one-to-one), but this week some tutors who already work in the writing center were going to be there giving advice to all the noobies and I actually wanted to go.

Later that night I met up with Brad (a guy from my applied comm course) to work on scripting a short fiction film. It was actually really fun. Thank goodness I felt so much better by then. Working in small teams like that gave us a chance to be a little less business-like and a little more silly, which always makes group projects more enjoyable.

Then, because I spent my afternoon writhing in pain on my bed instead of doing homework, I was up til 2:30 finishing work and I only got 5 hours of sleep, which is NOT enough to recover on. Especially when you've got 9 hours of classes the next day. But I survived it. And I got a voicemail from my birth mother saying that she was finally able to contact my birth father (they weren't married when they had me and now they both have their own families) and that he wants to get in touch with me! This is really exciting because we were all bracing ourselves for the fact that he might not want to have anything to do with me. I'm going to call Momma back today.

I went to bed early last night, and I was just falling asleep when girls started running up and down our hall, yelling and thumping so loudly that I stormed out of my room wearing PJ pants and a bra and yelled at them to keep it down. I can be nasty when I lose sleep. Remember that. But after yelling at them, I tossed and turned for ages. And when I finally got to sleep, I had another of my trademark fuzzy dreams.

I was on a huge vessel at sea. I don’t even want to call it a ship because it was so big. There were loads and loads of people on it, most of them around my age, and we were all studying the arts. (On a side note, this would be an amazing semester abroad… haha.) I’m sure we were studying other things, too, but in the dream that was the only thing we did. In fact, I’m pretty sure the arts were not the priority of whoever was in charge of studies, because we got shunted into this tiny little room with hardly any light and not nearly enough seats for everybody.

So when we dropped anchor, my class was eager to get off the ship and go exploring. Our instructor knew where we were and took us to see a real live invisible spot. She said it’s not possible for a person to become invisible, but that the earth’s magnetics sometimes interact in such a way as to create one of these natural invisible spots, and she showed us how if we stood on this little ridge of earth and reached up, we’d find the spot – and sure enough, her hand disappeared when she did it! So then I tried. I thought it would feel really strange to be invisible, but in fact I felt exactly the same as before; I just couldn’t see my fingers.

I found it hard to believe the area had not been fenced off and admission charged for entry. Whoever found it must have thought it would be a bad tourist attraction. Maybe it was dangerous somehow. Maybe it revealed too many secrets of the world that ordinary people shouldn’t know.

While the other students tried out the invisible spot, I noticed an enormous grey bird flying overhead and whipped out my camera. When I say enormous, I really mean that this thing was the size of like… a hippogriff. Except it wasn’t one; it was just a really large bird with terrifying talons and a vain personality, which was obvious since it came closer and closer the more pictures I took. But everyone else was too busy being invisible to notice the bird, and eventually it left, and we left.
I guess that we decided to stay anchored where we were for a while, because shortly after, some of us were living in a two-story house right next to a police office. Apparently I suddenly had a little brother named Nick, and it was our house, but I don't know where our parents were. Haha, maybe this was the sequel to the last dream I had about being on a ship, in which my mother yelled at me for embarrassing my little sister in front of the Jonas Brothers.

Then we found out that the huge grey bird was coming, and that was enough to throw everyone in town into an absolute panic. It was as if we’d heard there was a tornado coming. We stocked up on food and other necessities and prepared to batten down the hatches. Except instead of the basement, we withdrew to the upstairs, which seems like a stupid idea since birds can fly and stuff. But in the dream it was a good idea and we would be safe there if we locked all the doors and blacked out the windows. Maybe the bird was like, an air raid or something. I don’t know.

Nick and I were trying to fit all our friends into the upstairs of our house, which was getting really crowded. Time was running out before the bird would come, and a couple of our closest comrades hadn’t come yet, so we kept waiting to lock up. They finally got there, and we locked up just in time.


Katie said...


Brijenieve said...

Hahahaha! I love bizarre dreams like that. Waking up confused and laughing is one of my favorite things. I'm sorry you were sick, and I'm glad you're better! =D

Also, I'm glad you like Ingrid - the songs on my playlist are studio quality, even though they're not from the new album. She's also in itunes, and has a music player on her website - the link is in her name on my post. =)

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh...i'm laughing so hard right now. i wish you could have heard my reaction. such a good gut-felt laugh. C:

your dream just kept getting more and more ridiculous. not to mention you are so good at retelling stories anyway.

and i don't even like cold least not after thanksgiving.

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