I never tire of sleeping with giants.


Oooh myyy. My body hurts. And it was so worth every push and shove, every moment my lungs couldn't find the space to fill up, my shoelaces getting untied and unlaced, the time I got knocked down and pigpiled upon, and the time someone crashed into me and I sort of bit off a little bit of my tongue. Why?

Because after all the blood, sweat, and tears (okay, mostly just sweat), I was only ten feet away from the band's beautiful faces.

William Beckett, a.k.a. Billvy, sings for the Academy Is... at the Roxy on Boston, 2008

I managed to hand Billvy the present I made them, and I was sort of bummed that other people had already handed him presents. BUT, he got theirs in the middle of songs; I gave him mine between songs and he actually thanked me. He didn't say it into the microphone or anything. He just mouthed it to me. We had a moment. It was beautiful.

Bill sang right at the edge of the stage for most of the show and I was just inches short of being able to reach his hand when he would reach out into the crowd. A little further into the set, I wiggled my way just a few inches closer, which put me in range. At one point he was leaning completely on my hand. And I got to touch his pretty hair. And during "About a Girl," when he sang the line, "I'm not gonna waste these words about a girl," he reached out and held my hand and looked right into my eyes!! *fangirl squeee*

Then, at the very end of the show, Sisky came right up to the edge of the stage and I stroked his bass. That was pretty sweet, too. The lights went down for a minute and we saw the Butcher holding up my present, which was glowing in the dark!! Aaand Billvy played a brand new song called "Winter Passing" on his acoustic guitar (*melts*). Obsessive fan that I am, I already knew some of the words and sang along.

William Beckett of The Academy Is... played the new single, Winter Passing, at the Roxy in Boston, 2008.

Oh, mid-show, Bill decided to announce that a couple off to the side of the stage had been making out the entire show. And that they were still making out, even after he made the announcement.

After the show, Wanda ran into Sisky and took a picture with him, but Schneckleface and I didn't get a chance to. But the night wasn't over yet. Wanda, Schneckleface and I went out behind the venue to lurk the tour bus. That SAME psycho little girl from the Cobra show was there. Not the one with the AA-cup bra, but the one we actually talked to who said she was gonna stay there til 3AM and tried to tell everyone she was 15 (a blatant lie; we're not sure she's even reached puberty yet, actually).

Luckily, we also ran into cooler people, such as Sisky Business and Michael Guy Chislett. We saw the Butcher for like 30 seconds but he was just looking for his art supplies underneath the bus and wouldn't speak to us.

Me with Adam T. Siska,

Me and Michael Guy Chislett, guitarist for The Academy Is..., after their show at the Roxy in Boston.

I also saw Jack the camera guy and asked if I could help him make TAITV this week, but he said they weren't filming anything tonight. Maybe I can help next time they're in Boston. And maybe I'll actually get to meet Billvy next time (but being serenaded by him was enough this time).

In a last ditch attempt to attract Billvy's attention, I wrote backwards in the dirt on the tour bus window, "BILLVY!! COME OUT! <3" But I guess he didn't see it. I also wrote "TAI is wicked awesome" (a true Bostonian remark) and my blog address, strategically placed under the address of the William Beckett blog. Did anyone see that....? XD

The Academy Is...'s tour bus

Then we got Schneckleface to the commuter rail and pigged out at Dunks. On a side note, their white hot chocolate is wack. Not wiggity wack; just regular type. Hahaha. When I bought it, I said, "My moves are white hot. No they're not. But my chocolate is."


Katie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Katie said...

Sorry, the other comment had bad grammar. This is what I wrote with the correction:

I am thrilled that you had such an AWESOME NIGHT!!! I didn't know your present GLOWED IN THE DARK! That really is WICKED! I'll see you soon. :)

Brijenieve said...

SO FUN!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

beautiful girls like you should have this fun...

thank you for sharing your intelligent words.


Anonymous said...

that was quite a concert. and interesting little bit about that young girl..... sketchy. >_>



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