Sundae Sunday

After writing an awful draft of my paper about writer's block, I decided to follow the advice I'd researched and I'm being a lot more productive with this draft than the last one. I wrote the first one the way I play disc golf... incrementally. And inefficiently.

Razzmatazz and I are going to Bugaboo Creek for dinner tonight because I've got a coupon that'll expire if I don't use it today. I'm stoked for pizookie!! For those of you who are unenlightened in the realm of pizza cookies, pizookie is a big brownie-like cookie made and served hot in a skillet with vanilla ice cream melting all over the top. And I start to melt a little inside just thinking about it. Mmmmm....

I'm getting a little wanderlusty. This morning, driving back from church, I realized how badly I want to see mountains right now. New Hampshire would be okay, I guess, but I really want to see big purple mountains like the Colorado Rockies. And I also got this random urge to drive to Rockport and watch the sun come up again. I'd probably freeze, of course. But it would be so beautiful!

Okay, back to that paper. And for the record, I think Bronx Mowgli Wentz is possibly the worst name contrived by mankind thus far, except for maybe "Xiotil."

Currently listening: Muse - "Origin of Symmetry"


carlydee said...

Xiotil. Sounds like some sort of medicine.

And Andrew Did not Wept. said...

Um, wait. You spent time... At bugaboo? (Who is Denise?)

Only a dumb, uneducated parent would name their child Bronx

Mandemonium said...

We're going in a little bit. Denise is a good friend from my La Vida crew and I don't see her nearly often enough.

Hahahaha. Pete and Ashlee Wentz are definitely dumb... I don't know about uneducated....

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