Some sorta update

It's been a while since I posted. Life happens. I'm back.

I'm revising a poem about the southwest and I'll post it when this draft is done.

My schedule next quad looks like this:

9:10 - Sociological Perspectives
1:00 - Astronomy (I've ALWAYS wanted to take astronomy!!)
6:30 (Mondays only) - Intro to Digital Video Production (which I should have taken before doing GO-FILM last year OR applied comm this year... thanks to the kind souls in the comm arts department who let me do things a little out of order =D).

T/Th (I refuse to abbreviate Thursday with the letter R.)
11:30 - Great Ideas, Antiquity (with my faculty hero, Brian Glenney.)
8:00 - Photography

Fourth quad I drop Sociology and Philosophy and pick up aerobic walking. Hmm. So I'll hardly have any academics at that point. Yet somehow I'm making 16 credits...? Maybe I should pick up another quad class so I don't get bored. Or maybe I should just get working on that book. We'll see.

Today I'll be babysitting from my usual time, 12:45, until the kids go to school tomorrow morning, and I'm getting a hundred bucks for this. Which is excellent, since I wasn't sure how I was going to pay Wanda back for our The Academy Is... tickets. The Lord will provide!

And since I'm already talking about TAI... ONE WEEK LEFT!!! Yeah, we're going into Boston like 5 hours early to lurk the venue.... And as soon as we find Jack the camera guy, Ima ask him if I can do an internship with him.... XD


Anonymous said...

you're sleeping over at your babysitting job??? that's intense! it's funny bc i read the first part of your blog earlier this afternoon, but never got to the end until now. C:

i guess i'll see you tomorrow.
avec amour,

Katie said...

YES HE DOES PROVIDE!!! And I want Him to provide me with some Mandii time later today. <3 Miss you!!!

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