Music, Cheese and Victory

Countdown: 2 MORE DAYS TIL TAI...!

Song of the Day:


Complaint of the day: Cheese should not be yellow. I cannot eat yellow American cheese and kid myself into thinking it's real. Even if it is. The color is just so... artificial and... unappetizing. Sort of like the sewage smell outside of Lane. Ugh.

Exciting news of the day: I've got lots of fun new music!! The best of Radiohead, all four of Jon Foreman's acoustic EPs, aaaaaaand THE CASTLE IN THE SKY SOUNDTRACK!!!

But the best news of all is that, after staring blankly at a wall for weeks and weeks, I think I've finally worked out some of the problems with the book I'm writing. Thanks to a book about screenplays, which I'm reading for Media Writing, and my research for that paper on writer's block.

I'm really upset because I can't find John Seel's business card, and he hasn't e-mailed me about that agent or anything so I really need to get in touch with him. SUCK.


Anonymous said...

I give you soundtrack mention meeeeeeee

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