Re-cap (more soon).

I've got a nice little re-cap video of the Rapscallion Jingle Jangle compressing right this very moment. While I wait for it to finish, just a little update on my life.

I am tired. Very, very tired. I had to get up at 5:45 AM today to shoot footage for my applied communication class's short film. We left for Alewife at 6:15 and started shooting by 8. The little boy we got was perfect for the part. He was an endless bundle of energy, flying up and down the car and hanging from the hand-rails even when the shot didn't call for it. I wish he would've shared a little of that enthusiasm. Merh. We went out for barbecue when the shoot was over and I bent my vegetarian rules because the place smelled so fab and I didn't want to be a wet towel. So apparently I am a social carnivore. Better than being a social alcoholic, I guess. XD

I have many a tale to tell about my Saturday night. Teaser: Asian food, free concert, aaand me getting hit on by famous people. More soon....

Hooray! The video is ready for your viewing pleasure. Enjoyyy.


And Andrew Did not Wept. said...

I like, I like. You didn't tell me about the little kid. ^o^

Well, visit my new blog too! I would like to see others read it too.

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