That's funny, it's spelled just like the word ESCAPE!

I had a weird dream this morning when I decided I didn't want to get up just yet and snuggled back up under the covers. (Best decision I've made all day... it's flippin' cold outside!)

I was at some sort of institution. I don't know what or where it was or why I was in there, but it was a bad place. I never saw what they did but I was terrified they'd find me and do whatever it was to ME.

I had a friend (for some reason I think it was Eva), and she and I were exploring the place trying to find a way out. But we kept getting caught and sent back.

Then everybody was outside for something. The place looked suspiciously like a school from the outside. Eva and I slipped away in the dark to the parking lot. I must have gone there willingly to begin with because my car was there, unlocked, with the keys on the seat and all the google maps directions I've printed recently littering the floor by the passenger seat.

But we had been followed, and as we were trying to get into the car, a security guy came out of nowhere to deter us. I was halfway in the car and not gonna let this dude stop me from getting away. Eva was in the passenger seat and the guy was just focused on stopping me from getting in the car. I shut the door; he pulled it open; I shut it again. We went back and forth like this until I managed to lock the door, which kept him out. We were free.

Then it jumped to a small, touristy kind of town. I didn't have the car anymore and I was with a different friend, I think Chaaz. We were on scooters, trying to find this guy's house because he would be able to help us. I'm not sure what we needed help with; I guess maybe evading the people running the institution. Or maybe this dream was completely unrelated. I'm usually running from someone in my dreams.

And yeah, that's it. Apparently all that took well over an hour and I managed to sleep well past eleven. Shooooot. At least my class wasn't until 1:15 today. =)


And Andrew Did not Wept. said...

I Love the part where escape.


See mine yet :o

It's Scarrry

saraphimiscool said...

i had a dream last night that i came out of the grocery store and someone had totally run into my car. the weird thing was that it was still there (like they had parked their car like that and gone in the store) and there were cops there to take the report. except they were telling me that i had to call in to give the police report...(not like you can get a police report for a parking lot accident anyway).

and then it was definitely one of those things that when i woke up and realized nothing had happened, i was really relieved.

that was it. i know i dreamed other things, but i don't remember them...of course.

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