Conversely, heaven is eating quality vegetables.

I am eating leftover vegetables. I know, I know. Leftovers are icky. Vegetables are icky (yes, this is coming from a vegetarian.... or uh, at least a flexitarian XD). But surprisingly, they taste AMAZING. I think that vegetables grown in heaven must taste like these ones. Mmmmmm.

You know what tastes bad, though? The amount of work I have to get done this afternoon. I keep forgetting I actually have a class at one. Ugh, what an inconvenience. I really need to get this reading done for production tonight. But that class is a waste of time too, at least for my group, because no one actually wants to do anything, only one girl actually knows how to contact our client and she's got senioritis too bad to actually work on the damn thing, and I am way too overloaded to take on the whole thing myself. Which is good, I guess, since otherwise I probably would and then everyone else would get to reap the benefits, and man, that sucks. But if the project doesn't get done, then NO ONE gets any benefits.

So why, you ask, am I wasting precious minutes blogging if I have so much to do?

Psychologists have a name for this.

It's called "avoidance."


Dee said...

you, my dear, are a procastinator. it's a much prettier word than "avoidance". seriously, "avoider" sounds weird. when you introduce yourself you can say "hi I'm Mandi, a professional procastinator" and it even rhymes! but when you say "I'm an avoider" is just weird. And, is that even a word?

hahaha well, I will only if I get paid. All I want to do is make them use their imagination, anyway.

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