"I'm really not as stubborn as I seem..."

....said the knuckle to the concrete.

Song of the day:

Boyfriend, I'm posting this for you because you said you don't know any of my music. Voila.

Quotes of the day:
We are heffalumps!
Taste the rainbow... BITCH!

Random questions of the day (of equal profundity and relevance):
1. Which should I choose today, showering or eating? You know it's bad when this is a decision you have to make every morning and when you get in the habit of leaving the dorm without even brushing your hair, let alone putting on make-up.
2. a) What the hell is a soul and do people have them? Aristotle sure isn't going to explain it, though he'll make it look like he's explaining it.
b) When scientists discovered DNA, did they think they had discovered the human soul...?
3. Were there any normal animals in the Pokemon world, or were they all just Pokemon? I mean... imagine the implications for the ecosystem if all those little animals we hate like spiders and mosquitos and termites, just didn't exist. I mean what are Pidgeys and Spearows supposed to eat if all the worms are a foot and a half tall like Caterpie? THINK ABOUT IT.

Things I actually want (and kind of need) to do today:

1. I really want to go to the store... I've got to exchange some film for a different type and I need peanut butter and I have to get cash so I can give this girl the $40 I owe her from a failed service project.

2. I really want to go back to sleep... I got up at 7 to go take pictures of the grand piano in the Phillips recital hall because my photo assignment for Tuesday (that's two-days-ago Tuesday) was to shoot a roll of all the same subject, and I wanted to pick something that had enough different angles and parts to it that I could take 36 interesting pictures of it. The recital hall, of course, was locked, but Roomie helped me find an equally good piano in a practice room. Then I realized I probably need new batteries because my light meter ALWAYS says it's too dark and I ALWAYS have to open up all the way and drop the shutter speed down to like 1/30th of a second. Damn; camera batteries are EXPENSIVE. >:(

3. I really want to give up on school and just write my book. Honestly I would waste a lot less time on the internet if I wasn't trying to avoid schoolwork. I want to start that writers group, even if it's just me and Evan at first. In fact I wouldn't want more than four or five people anyway because then it would be too difficult to actually absorb what the other people were working on and give valuable feedback to all of them. Speaking of feedback, my friend Ash sent me the first chapter of a book he's writing. I'm eager to read more. So far there's a nerdy kid, a bully, and an eccentric old man who can't button his shirt right (he's my favorite character thus far ^_^).

But yeah, what I NEED to do is spend the next hour wading through more Aristotle so I won't be clueless when Glenney slaps a quiz down in front of me today. Muck it. And sorry my recent posts have all been horribly boring. That's what happens when you spend all your time in class and reading... i.e., nothing exciting whatsoever. Merh.


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