Yesterday in chapel, when they were talking about the meaning of Lent, they said that if it feels like something is controlling us rather than us controlling it (i.e. Facebook, cell phones, iPods), then that's something we should consider giving up. Soooo if I feel that school is not only controlling my life, but in fact, is destroying my soul (in the Glenney sense of soul as one's entire being and, moreover, purpose, not the traditional "floaty" sense of soul), it logically follows that I should give up school.

They also said that Lent is a fast from spiritual junk food, enabling us to feel our hunger for God. So if I give up school, then my relationship with God will surely improve exponentially because I will have actual time to experience and satiate said hunger for God. School makes me a fat Christian, so I should cut it out of my diet.

I like this philosophy. Unfortunately, the president of Go-Co, not to mention my parents, probably won't. Suck.


Anonymous said...

i vote you drop out next year, we get an apartment together, get easy jobs and have fun.

unfortunately i don't know if this would be the wisest thing for both of us. i'd be down though. fo sho.

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