The sun still shines behind the clouds

I'm way too back-loaded on work right now to write all about my fantastically epic weekend excursion to Mordor and the orcs that chased us down and how I effed up my foot, but rest assured that the story is coming. It may not be coming til ten days in the future, but it's coming. I just wanted to share a couple of cool things that happened today that sort of cued me in to the presence of God in all the little things.

"It would be so easy
to hold onto this feeling that elopes
misery with agony, but I'll hold onto hope.
In their words they carry hurts buried in myself.
In disarray, the easy way could take me somewhere else.
The sun still shines behind the clouds."

We all know I'm stressed out of my mind; this is not news. Long story short, stuff came up as far as housing/rooming next year, and it was the straw before the straw that broke the camel's back (thank goodness it didn't break my back; I can't sustain any more injuries right now). I mentioned it to Razzmatazz, my friend from La Vida, and she said that she and two friends were looking for a fourth person to complete a suite in Chase. We had talked about rooming earlier this year but we were both tied to so many people that we would need, like, three apartments just to fit us all and we gave it up. But this new arrangement fell into place so neatly and so quickly, and I am immensely grateful for that. I'm going to meet the other girls (or at least one of them) over dinner tomorrow night. The Lord will provide!

Also, I had a couple of conversations with Hacks today, and once again she reminded me of how totally awesome she is. She made me feel so understood and all-around, unconditionally loved. I need that right now. I feel like I'm fighting everyone and everything, including myself. Shout out to Hacks. I love you!!

Last but not least, coming back from babysitting, I had Kiros blaring from my car speakers while I searched for a parking space. The song was "Heaven." It came to the line, "the sun still shines behind the clouds," and suddenly out of nowhere the sun broke through the clouds and lit everything up brilliantly! It was overcast again just a few moments later. I know this is New England and weather spasms are not out of the ordinary, but all the same, it made me smile and encouraged me that, indeed, the sun is still out there and shining and someday soon, I'll find it. I'll take it as a tiny miracle of timing. With gratitude.


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