Skittles and Combos

I'm having a pretty fantastic day right now. I'm done with my photo test and my sociology midterm. Both went well enough, especially considering how little I studied. The sun is shining and it's warm enough for me to walk around in my Relient K zip-up hoodie. As an added bonus, the snow is melting, creating big ol' puddles all over campus, AND I HAVE RAIN BOOTS. Nuff said. Ducky (from summer camp) surprised me with a visit. She brought a whole bunch of crack - I mean, uh, Skittles. Skittles. I only got like 6 hours of sleep last night and even after I napped between chapel and astronomy, I still felt pretty woozy, so Ducky and those two bags of Skittles were a God-send. Then we got totally high off all those Skittles and sat there and laughed our faces off at this:

Love you, Isaac, my one-time imaginary boyfriend. XD

I nabbed some linear diffraction windows from my astronomy class and I've been taking pictures through them. I've got to find some more interesting subjects, but for now I've got these:

Taste the Rainbow.... pshh, who needs Photoshop?

Boyfriend is on his way here and we are going to go gallivanting about the Go-Co woods. Yes, I will be wearing my rain boots. Yes, I will still be acting like I'm on crack. I think he's pretty used to that though....


Megan said...

my fault...? lol

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