I'm in a Relient K mood this morning.


Last night, I dreamed I was at a mall during vacation, so somewhere a little ways away from home. My sister Jay May was supposed to give some sort of show or speech or presentation or something, and I knew I would be nervous if I was in her shoes so I wished her good luck. This made her inexplicably angry with me and she yelled at me, so I stormed out and refused to go to her presentation. Instead I went to this random store full of miscellaneous trinkets, where apparently my photography class was working on a project. I whipped out my camera (that I just HAPPENED to have with me) and joined them. It was all very experimental. I was about to take a really nifty self-portrait using the mirror inside someone else's camera when my family came to get me, and they were none too pleased I'd ditched my sister's thingamajig.

Then my dad and I were sitting in a couple of seats in the middle of the corridor while my mom and sister got ice cream or something and this guy came up and took my dad's briefcase. He didn't snag it and run away or anything, just picked it up as if he was inspecting it and then walked away with it. My dad wouldn't stand for it and we grabbed the rest of our stuff and followed this guy. I had my messenger bag with Jesus the Lappy inside and Dad had some other random luggage; I don't know why we were lugging all this around the mall but anyhow.

We came to this one store that didn't really have anything in it and the guy and his associates opened my dad's briefcase to reveal one of those tiny little slivers of a Macbook. Then I realized they wanted computers and that I should probably have left Jesus the Lappy sitting in the middle of the mall. It would have been safer. But it was too late by then. I fought them tooth and nail because my story was on Jesus the Lappy and I hadn't backed it up (lies and heresy!) but they took it eventually and locked us up.

Somehow the whole family got locked up. A loooong time passed. I don't know how long. But Jay May and I finally managed to sneak out, and when we got to the parking lot, neither of us could remember where we'd parked because it had apparently been YEARS. I contemplated stealing a car just to escape, because there was no way we could beat these dudes on foot and we knew they'd come for us. So were computers really the reason for all this? Probably not.

We heard the guards coming and booked it into the woods. They were hot on our tails but never quite caught us. Somehow we got split up. I was clinging to a cliff face over water. It was the sort of cliff face that juts out at the top, so if you climb down a little farther, the ridge of it will hide you from anyone looking down at the water. I don't have that kind of upper body strength in real life, but thankfully I did in the dream. I was wondering where Jay May was and what I should do if they caught her, and how thick this strip of woods was and whether there would be houses on the other side where we could seek refuge. I also planned to climb way up the first humongoid tree I could find until the men went away. I also considered flying. Don't know why I didn't use that to my advantage. I woke up after that. Oh, and I'm not sure but I think I was Princess Mononoke for a good chunk of this dream. XD

The night BEFORE last night, I had another one of those paralysis dreams, but this one was different again. I thought I had woken up from almost-sleep and was about to roll over when I felt the paralysis start to form in my limbs. I panicked, thinking, "no no no, not this again, no no..." (because I already couldn't say anything). But I thought it so hard and fought it so violently that it wasn't very long at all before I shook it off, shouted "NO!" and woke myself up.

All right well. Off to contemplate the nature of virtue some more over an omelette at Lane until sociology at 9:10. Coming up with the concept for the paper wasn't as painful as I'd thought. Stretching that concept out over seven pages might be. BUT I AM A WRITER, AND THIS IS ONLY A ROUGH DRAFT. It will be fine. Also, I'm totally stealing this link from Dee because these photographs are brilliant. Makes me want to travel.


saraphimiscool said...

i was in a RK mood this morning and was sad i only have mmhmm. i really could've gone for some two rights. C:

nonetheless, i thoroughly enjoyed the first 7 tracks. C: especially high of 75... made me think of that gorgeous field we drove by. C:

Dee said...

must ask, what's Jesus?

lol, you're welcome. yeah... makes me want to travel too... I really really wanna go to Iceland and France.

and, your paralysis dreams sound really lucid. the other night I had this dream I was back in school. I was standing in the middle of the playing area (what's the right word?) and started yelling "IT'S FUCKING JANUARY, YOU CAN'T DO THIS, IT'S JANUARY" cause I knew I was on vacation. So, I went into one of the classrooms and the spanish teacher was there, and all my ex-classmates were there. and she was doing the class and I stood by the door for like 10 minutes and she never looked at me. when she realised I was there she stared at me and said, "you're late. I won't let you come in" I was like WTF, but then somebody called my name and it was an ex-classmate from the other highschool I went to, and I told him "what are you doing him?!" really confused, cause he doesn't even live near that place, and he started talking to me about the Radiohead concert, and that's in march!!! it hasn't even happened yet and he was talking about it, telling me how amazing it was, and that I missed it (cause I'm not going)... and suddenly he disappeared and then I started yelling again "IT'S JANUARY!! YOU PEOPLE ARE CRAZY!! DAMN YOU!!". that was probably the funniest part, cause I cursed them and it's a christian school. but it was a really weird dream.

Dee said...

by the way, I keep forgetting to tell you that I love how madly happy you look in your profile pic.

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