I maked a LOLcat!

Because it amused me =3

I should probably give someone credit for the blender pic, but I don't know where it came from. All I know is I was having a mental breakdown and the Cuddle Rapist thought a picture of a cat in a blender would help.

Also, if you look to your right, you'll see that I've added a Twitter widget. This is to compensate for my lack of Facebookage, which shall commence tomorrow with the beginning of Lent. Note that the Facebook fast does not encompass this blog; in fact, I will probably spend MORE time on the blog because hey, I've got to procrastinate SOMEHOW. But I'm hoping that knocking Facebook off my list of things to distract me will help me be more productive with schoolwork, my book, and, last but certainly not least, my relationship with God. I'm hoping that the time I will spend not on Facebook might translate into time spent in the word of God and in prayer. Will this actually happen? It remains to be seen, but I shall try. I'm toying with ideas about some other things I might give up. Somehow I feel like most of this is less because I want to spend time with God and more because I need a concrete reason to do things that I know I should do anyway. Oh motivation... or lack thereof.

Hopesong of the day:

"I wished it all away; I felt so alone
and the darkness crept its way
like stars that we all know will die too soon.
There is never any sunrise here
in the shadow of eclipsing moons.
Crawling on a tightrope,
the bravest thing I have is hope."

Ten more days of hell... and counting!


Dee said...

DID YOU KNOW that God has a twitter account?

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