How I Sold my Soul to the Dean of Students

My new theory is that Go-Co likes to tell us our souls belong to God so we won't realize we've actually sold our souls to the institution of education.

Do I actually believe that? Not quite yet... but I'm getting close.

This week...
- For tonight: read another 40 pages of the textbook that didn't arrive in the mailroom til Friday (and without its exciting counterpart, the 3.5" disk of special features... I kid you not) as well as two chapters of the book that has not yet arrived. Also, as of yesterday afternoon the prof decided we should all watch the Superbowl ads, pick our favorite, and write about it for tonight's class.
- For the rest of the week: Read like 3 chapters for astronomy because I haven't read a word of that book in over a week on account of all the other work I've had and I'm now behind.
- Photography - read two chapters, BS some stuff about some more library books. Also get supplies that I still haven't purchased on account of not having time to go to the store. This will have to happen soon as I'm also nearly out of food for the dorm room and have been for some time now.
- Sociology - midterm is next Monday (already?! Damn. At least that means it's halfway over.) Also have to pick an essay topic soon.
- Philosophy - write a paper about how we know the soul is immortal or the nature of virtue or other impossible matters. WTF GLENNEY?
- Tartan articles... at least one, maybe two...
- Figure out how to get the damn film on the damn reel without being able to see it.

Holy frick-muffins, this looks even worse when I write it all out. Consequently, being "tired," or even "exhausted," "beat," or "drained," is not an acceptable reason to sleep. Being dead might be. Experiment is still in progress.


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