Airborne Ultimatum

Not that I am under the delusion that anyone's paying attention during this hectic and stressful finals season, but I shall post nonetheless! I just finished playing ultimate frisbee on the quad and it was AWESOME! We lost however many rounds we played, which I expected the moment I wound up on the team opposing the Bathrobe Guy, and it was so hot that "ultimate" quickly degenerated to "mediocre," and then even more quickly to "inadequate." Doesn't matter though. I forgot how much fun that game can be, especially when the guys don't treat you like a girl. That's just lamesauce. I might not be as fast or be able to throw as far, but I can hold my own and it's nice when the guys recognize that. Whew. I'm beat! Time for foods, shower, and work. In that order. I'm looking forward to the thunderstorm I'm convinced is a-brewin' out there. Tut tut.

Old-skool lovin!


Brijenieve said...

did you know i suck at frisbee throwing? it's true. the damn thing usually turns up on its side and curves around behind me to hit some unsuspecting passerby, usually in the form of an old lady or someone with a baby.
scratch that - i don't suck at playing frisbee; i just use to game to accomplish my evil purposes. >;)

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