Silent Arithmetic

New video from Mute Math! God I wish these guys would go on tour already.

MUTEMATH - Spotlight

I'm not a huge fan of this song, but I am impressed that they managed to make yet another cool video of nothing but the band playing their instruments. If you haven't seen the "Typical" video... I'd get on that if I were you. It's better than the "Spotlight" one.


Anonymous said...


how'd they get the choppy feel to the video? was it a bunch of photographs? not like stop-motion, but when you can take many pictures in a row. (i don't know what it's called...)

Amandasaurus said...

I'm gonna guess they used some sort of time lapse or they removed a bunch of individual frames in post production. I think the second theory is probably more likely.

Anonymous said...

hmm...i haven't heard of that technique before, but i do like the end product.

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