Stoked on life!

Wow! Today was amazing! Prepare for uber-happy ADHD post of glee!

I worked on my book for about 5 hours and ironed out some mountainous wrinkles. They might still qualify as molehills, but that's what revisions are for, you know? So that was really satisfying. I'm getting close to done with Part One: Versitas. Sure, I'm borrowing a lot from the last draft, but don't worry: I'm not giving away any huge secrets this time around, which was the reason I had to scrap the 90-page draft I wrote over the summer.

I just want to hurry up and get to the good stuff! The villains. The sea voyages. The battles.

...the zombie unicorns.

Question of the day, and if you're reading, you better post your answer: what the flip does a zombie unicorn eat? Sure as heck that thing's not an herbivore.

So yeah. After working on my book all morning, I joined up with Cam, who wins the hero of the day award for how much help he's been with this PSA project.

Here's what the thing's going to look like. Fred goes to Claymore for coffee and an apple. When he gets outside, he finds Jeff sitting on a bench, typing on his brand new computer. After Jeff gushes over the amazing new user interface, Fred suggests a trade:his Macintosh apple for Jeff's Apple Macintosh computer. Then there are a couple graphic overlays encouraging viewers to buy fair trade coffee so farmers can make a living off their product. The final shot shows Fred running away with Jeff's laptop with Jeff in hot pursuit.

The reason Cam wins the hero award is because he helped me get the mass amounts of equipment I demanded, then he, Bean and Caitlin helped me figure out how to work it all. On top of that, he and Bean starred in the thing. Since they're really close friends, their chemistry was great and their acting sincere. The whole production was just FUN. In the reasonable time span of 3 hours, we had a lot of great laughs, a lot of great bloopers, and still managed to get all the shots I needed for the final video, which will be a lighthearted work of staggering genius!!! I'd love to follow up on the series idea and have Cam always be the kid that tries to rip people off. At any rate, we will definitely be working together on something in the near future. Expect great things.

Me: All right, we're going to do the chase scene one more time. This time, Cam, don't run so far. Make it the most cartoonish chase scene you could possibly imagine. You're not actually trying to get away, you're just running in circles around these trees to piss him off.
Cam: Sweet.
Bean: Can I throw the apple at his head?

XD <3


krystinadee said...

what the flip does a zombie unicorn eat?

observe the decencies in my world:

zombie: i'm pretty sure i'm just confusing it with a vampire, but they're basically the same thing. except the zombie is dead while vampires are immortal. therefore, zombies eat human flesh, or anything else that could be "DEAD"
they're like flies. they're magetized to dead things and poop.

unicorn: the harmless fairytale creatures. my mind prefers to see the unicorn be eternally fit and healthy for a horse. hence, it does not eat anything. it hates to kill life. plant life, animal life, human life etc.

*exaggerated audience shock*

will it suffice? your mind is obviously much more creative than mine xD

Anonymous said...

Zombie unicorns eat the brains (zombie) of cute forest animals (unicorns). They would use their horns to spear the little bunnies and squirrels.


Anonymous said...

zombie unicorns?!?!? are you seriously asking this question right now? you, my friend, are ridiculous.

and yet, i will still give my best answer

i would have to say that a zombie unicorn is, like a hippopotamus, still an herbivore. however, also like a hippopotamus, they will make gory bloody smithereens of anything that comes between it and it's territory. so the real question changes from "what does a zombie unicorn eat?" to "are we still afraid of zombie unicorns DESPITE what they eat?"

the answer is yes. we are still afraid. they may not INGEST your human flesh but they will still skewer it from your bones with that horn of theirs.


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