Today was a shopping extravaganza. I'll spare you the gory details. Suffice to say that my wallet lost a lot of blood... but it was not in vain, for I now have: a belt that matches the shapeless purple Miyazaki heroine dress I bought back at Halloween, a lovely button up shirt, flip flops that only cost $8 yet somehow are actually attractive, aaaand TWO FABULOUS SUMMER DRESSES! Bring on the sunshine, baby.

Also, Charlotte Russe played my favorite Cobra Starship song while we were in there. Hot.

Yes, we actually went to a thrift store. Yes, the clothes actually smelled like grandma's... unfortunately.

Isn't it interesting how the shape of something can determine how good it tastes? Pokemon shaped Kraft macaroni and cheese tastes way better than the little noodles. Conversely, Goldfish shaped like basketballs do not taste as good as the lil orange fishies. They just don't.


Brijenieve said...

YAY DRESSES!!!!!! I'm in need of some shopping, myself - but alas, no job = no money = no shopping. Boo.

Goldfish shaped like basketballs?! What is this blasphemy of which you speak?!

Mr. Paul said...


Perfect song to start the day... seriously

Anonymous said...

speaking of possums, i've definitely seen a lot dead in the middle of the road lately.

"you know it's spring, when the possums start playing suicide on the side of the road" ~ Bethany Curri

your summer fashions look SOO GOOD! i approve. C:

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