Welcome to my new and improved world of nonsense! In case you didn't notice, I've made a few changes lately.

1. First and most obvious, I am now a dinosaur.
2. Second most obvious, Domo is eating my layout. Deal.
3. My archives are named after massive underground tombs and I've got an upside down exclamation point in my "about me" section.

In other news, I picked up Derry from Mike's Mobil today. Mike's a good guy. If your car has a physical, emotional, or spiritual breakdown, he'll take good care of you. I also bought "Wincing the Night Away" by The Shins, which has some really fantastic artwork AND CAME WITH A FREE STICKER. Best idea ever. I'm so doing that with my next book. Free promotion BY FANS, FOR FANS. YEAH!

Is it a physical possibility to enter REM sleep within the time frame of half an hour? Because I conked out at Paul's earlier and definitely had some dreams going on within the 20 or so minutes we were asleep, and I didn't think that was possible. I also, uh, pulled down the wall of his basement after that.... >_<

Worked a lil bit on the story today. Maybe I'll be nice and post some more this weekend. Burnt offerings of mp3s are welcome. XD


Brijenieve said...

like the new layout! =D

saraphimiscool said...

1. First and most importantly, you are part of the reason i can wake up with a smile on my face. i mean, come ON! who DOESN'T like a dinosaur as a best friend. how cool is THAT!!

2ndly, you DID get your car after all? Wow. Seriously, if my car ever starts doubting the existance of God, i will definitely line her up with Mike the Evangelist... i mean Mechanic.

3rd and finally, yes, you can dream within 20 min. you see, your body NEEDS REM sleep and if you haven't been getting enough sleep, it will go directly there if need be. i've almost started dreaming in church before...

i should buy a CD of The Shins...i DO have that gift card to Best Buy after all...

jenniferin said...

i agree with sara

dinosaur as a friend=automatic win

I'm glad derry survived his emotional breakdown:)

oh, and happy easter...i love you:)

megan said...

Love the new layout.
yes dreams are quite possible somehow in those 20 minutes...I had the same thing happen to me with very odd dreams.

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