Marilyn Manson...

...ate my girlfriend! Awwwww, lil baby Relient K video!

Wow this thing is so bad it's good. I mean you just can't go wrong with an oversized Marilyn Manson walking around the streets of PA eating people's girlfriends, even if the picture quality is enough to make you cry and the cheesy graphics are soooo... educational-film-circa-1990. And the lyrics... we won't even go there. I'm embarrassed for them. I will say that the line "disgusting trash on MTV, it makes her smile" was supposed to be "disgusting crap on MTV," but Toby Mac, who produced the thing, made them change it. Rofl. Oh the days of Relient K's hyper-Christiandom. Can't say I miss those days... maybe the pop culture references though. And Brian Pittman. It's weird that only two of the guys in this video are even still with the band.

I'll bet Matty T was younger in this video than I am now. How weird is that.....


Anonymous said...

3 reasons to like this vid:

1. One kid is wearing a shirt with the AZ flag on it!

2. Another kid is wearing an AWANAS shirt!!ROFL!11Q!ELEVEN!!

3. Marilyn Manson is chasing them...INSIDE of his own body. hmm...

so yeah. they're cute. it reminds me of old skool SF videos too. C:

Brijenieve said...

I'm pretty sure this clip just made my day.... Yup, yup it did. Haha!!! I remember this song from WAY back when - it was their first song I ever heard. Good times! ;)

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