Smash it up!

Moments after my last post, I noticed a status on my Facebook homepage that said there was going to be a show outside of Lane at 10. Then I heard the guitars all the way from Ferrin and realized they meant a SHOW! I booked it over there. I had just been thinking, shit, I haven't been to a show in almost 2 months! No wonder it feels like Armageddon is coming! Yeah, these guys weren't Relient K or anything, but it was fantastic just because they were a band with amps rocking out on the lawn by the dining hall, and that simply does not happen around here. There were 2-3 dozen people in attendance and it was a decent crowd, with some dancing, moshing, headbanging, etc. Especially on the part of Tie Dye Brian. Then, during the last song, some friends of mine showed up and went nuts, which finally gave me an excuse to look like a loony, too! It was sad that it had to be the last song though. They would've kept going except some guys came over and said people were complaining about the noise because they wanted to sleep. Sigh, only on a campus where 98% of the population has to get up early for church on Sundays would a Saturday night rock show be curtailed in such a tragic manner. Here's hoping this happens again, only minus the premature ending! I will certainly encourage it when I interview the front man tomorrow for this year's final issue of the Tartan.

^ They covered this. It sounded cooler louder XD


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