Brian Pittman for President

I watched the presidential debate last night. I have to say that I could have thought of at least two dozen better ways to spend a Friday night off the top of my head, such as distributing little plastic green army men or eating broken glass, but alas, I have decided to try to care about this year's election - or at least look like I care, and know what people are talking about when it comes up in conversation. Not to mention I was too sick to do anything worth doing. Hacks made dinner for last year's posse, and both the food and the company were delicious. Not that I tasted the company or anything; I mean "delicious" in the Guy Ripley sense, i.e., "wonderful."

I've leaned toward Obama for the past like half a year, mostly because Brace Face presented a really convincing argument for him last spring and nobody ever said much to refute him. Bad reason for bias, I know, but that's how it was. Now that I'm getting more informed, I'm starting to feel like either one would be capable, but both would also do things that I object to. Everyone says you should care and vote because every vote counts, but I'm starting to feel like it would be better for me to refrain from voting rather than making an arbitrary choice. Because if every vote counts, I don't want mine to be the wrong one.

I'm uber sick and my mommy's here to take me home and make me all bettery. Go-Co's effing health center is closed on weekends - as if no one will ever need a doctor on a Saturday. Dumb dumb dumb. TTFN.


Nathan Day said...

As far as I'm concerned, as opposed to both being the right vote, I see both being the wrong vote, but then again the candidate I wanted to vote for's already out of the race. In the end, we can't see everyone's votes, so for all we know (most likely) the government's already decided our next president, and uses the election to give people a semblance of power and justice. There are greater powers than president in office.

If you plan on not voting, just avoid anyone you see with a clipboard, that's what I'm doing. I may vote, but I'm waiting a bit to see.

Katie said...

I'm intrigued to hear the argument that led you to be bias towards Sen. Obama. If you're up for it when you get back, I'd love to hear the reasoning. :) I hope you're feeling better, sweetie. Miss you.


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