....the flip....?


Roomie and I are taking turns smelling my PJ shirt because for some reason, it smells OVERWHELMINGLY of boy. And I am baffled and confused for several reasons. One, I don't think I've even spoken to a boy in person in like two or three days, let alone hugged one or schneckled with one. Two, this is the shirt I SLEEP in. And three, it's not like this thing came straight out of the wash or anything. I've already worn it one or two nights, and this is the first time it's smelled this good. o_o

Conjectures and theories are welcome.....


Anonymous said...

maybe you are turning into a boy. hey, it could happen ~Jess

Mandemonium said...

Kate says I'm an oyster and change sexes while I sleep.

Meanwhile my roommate just wants to know how I'm getting boys in here past visitation and without her noticing.

I wish I could've noticed them here, too. I missed out on all the fun. XD

Anonymous said...

this is quite peculiar... i need to figure out how you're doing that too... too bad you don't remember the schnecklefests. :C

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