Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, Someday

Whoever told Autumn he was allowed to take over already should be fired. I slept terribly last night - and in my OWN bed, which is really sad. You see, my bed is right under a huge skylight, so the cold just sort of seeps in. And I actually drank tea this morning to warm up (both my body and my vocal cords). I don't drink tea, generally. Or coffee, which I had after falling asleep for THREE HOURS this evening, completely by accident. And now I'm still going. Fudge. At least I don't have to get up for class tomorrow.

The special music went really well this morning, especially considering neither my sister nor I had ever seen the song before 9:00 today. It was a typical Rich song (Rich being the pastor/my old youth pastor): 3 chords, with the tune of the chorus repeated in the verses. So I forced myself to figure out and learn to hold the harmony notes, just to mix things up a little.

I tried to style my hair so the turquoise was unnoticeable, since I figured if my mom has such a problem with it, the older, traditionalist crowd at my church would have a much bigger problem with it. But after the service, an older lady said to me, "Is that green in your hair?" I said, "Yeah, it used to be turquoise but it faded...." And she goes "Oh! Turquoise sounds like a lovely color to put in your hair."

Could you tell my mom that? Please? Kthxbye.

Quote of the day:
Bear: I am fucking loopier than fruit loops incarnate


Katie said...

I totally agree with the autumn thing. A whole half of a tree in front of Wilson is red. Ridiculous! I'm not ready. Hmph!

Nathan Day said...

Mwahaha, Autumn means being that much closer to Daylight Savings Time, and that much closer to Winter, and hoodies, and long sleeved shirts! I'm excited, legit excited.

Mandemonium said...

Why are you waiting for winter to wear hoodies?

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