Manic Tuesday

Today was my busy day.

Breakfast: went to the mailroom to see if the CD I requested from Philmont two weeks ago had come yet. No dice, so I texted Scott, who said he'd sent it a week and a half ago. GO-CO MAILROOM FAILS.

Principles of Design (9:45-12:45): fire alarm went off, was glad I didn't have my computer in case I would've accidentally broken it again. Contemplated possible blood relation of my classmate to Adam T. Siska. Somehow transformed "random" geometric shapes into a significant expression of my present emotions.

Lunch: half an hour, which was enough to drop off my art supplies in Ferrin, buy a sandwich to go, and check my mail AGAIN. MY CD FINALLY GOT HERE.

Writing for the Media (1:15-2:50): Jo remembered that my name isn't Suzanne (probably because I interviewed her last week.... it would just be plain embarrassing for her to confuse me with someone else after that.)

Poetry (3:00-5:00):


Hello. I am here
to let you know that someone is thinking of you.
He hopes you’re well.
Phase one of boot camp has been hell
but he says he’ll make it through.
Hello. I am here
Because someone carved out time to write just a few
words on a page
in the midst of a loaded day
because he’s thinking of you.

Thank God you got here.
I’ve been waiting all summer long to read his scrawl,
this month the third
Since I last heard from him. His words
I draw about me, a shawl.
Last time he was here,
we sprinted on the sky. When we got tired, we sprawled
in the tall grass.
Unstop my pen. I can’t write past,
“Wish you were here. Yours always.”

Dinner: 45 minutes, enough to sit down while I eat dinner AND dessert. Listened to the new Philmont EP on my way to...

Applied Communication (6:45-7:45): discussed our short film, which is probably going to be on synaesthesia. Some of the others talked about using the idea of synaesthesia to generate a narrative. This is fine by me. I'm a story lover. But their idea was about a guy who uses his synaesthesia to rob a bank, which isn't really up my alley. I guess you give and take, but I want to enjoy working on this project and have a product that I like. I guess that's a little idealistic for the real world. Better get used to it.

Trash Club just came by. I missed them. That trek out to the dumpster is so taxing. Not really, but it IS outside this year, which is a bummer.


Katie said...


And I DEFINITELY like the comma in the poem.

I love reading what you have to say. :)

Anonymous said...

Fun :) I like reading about peoples days.

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