¡Viva la Cobra!

I just had lunch with a girl on my floor, and we talked a lot about writing. The Tartan came up, and we complained about how there's not much going on around campus, so material is limited, etc, etc. Then we talked about how they'll reimburse you for movie tickets, CDs, concerts, and meals if you review them, and she said she wondered if they would cover Coldplay tickets for her. They're $90. I said they might cover part of it, but probably not all. On the other hand, I said, if you go to see nobody bands like Cobra Starship, whose show next month only costs $15, they'd probably cover the whole thing. I REALLY want to go to this show. It's close by and cheap and Cobra plays SUCH a fun set, as I discovered at the Warped Tour, not once, but twice this summer. But all my friends who like them can't make it, and I said so. Riel decided it sounded like lots of fun, and so it looks like we'll be going! Yeeeeessss!!!! And shut up, Bear, I really DO listen to other bands besides Cobra. XD


saraphimiscool said...

this totally reminds me that i saw a girl today wearing a cobra starship shirt...and it took me like a quadruple-take just to make sure it wasn't you. bc it was the shirt you have.

seriously, you should post an ad in student news to ask if anyone wants to go with you/us to the concert. it's at least worth a try.

Mandemonium said...

wait, are YOU even going to the concert???

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