You didn't really think I'd make it through the weekend without posting, now, did you?

I am home.

It was the farthest I've ever driven by myself. Traffic was light when I hit exit 37A to 1-93, which was really a blessing because that exit scares the crap out of me. Five exits beforehand my heart started pounding just at the thought of it. It's positioned right after an on-ramp, so you have to merge with all the cars that are trying to get onto the highway and out of the lane that will take them right back off the exit. And it's the same way on the other end of the exit: if you don't merge left pretty quick, you're back on I-95/128.

But I hit bad traffic once I got to the tunnel that goes under Boston.

Then I picked Wanda up at the T station, and she had bubble tea for me - yay! My favorite kind is green tea with mango flavor. No milk. Take note. After that we went to the mall, where I bought purple hair dye at Hot Topic. Later my dad said, "Can't you dye your hair a color that doesn't turn green?" And I said, "Well, I just bought purple today," and my mom just groaned. She hates it when I color my hair. She used to love it when I highlighted it blonde. It's just fun colors that she opposes.

We went out to dinner AND dessert as a family. I told my mom about the Somewhere Over the Rainbow synaesthesia incident and she was like, "You are so weird!" Gee, thanks mom. Way to be supportive of my unique condition. I don't even have it bad. Although as a child, it used to keep me awake at night, wondering how they got the shapes inside the cassettes....

Anyway, I ate so much food that my stomach couldn't handle it, and now I have a tummyache. The heating pad is my friend. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to wake up early and go learn a new song on guitar to play for special worship tomorrow. Talk about leaving things til the last minute.

I'm just pleased as punch to say that my sister and I are getting along really great! We even talked about - gasp! - sharing clothing! I've always wanted to be close enough to someone to do that, but everyone I'm that close to wears a completely different size, shape, and style of clothing, so fail. But Jay May is tall and skinny like me, so we can totally mooch off each other. I love that we can have fun conversations and laugh together now. We never used to. She's finally getting out of the annoying pre-teen phase she started at about age nine. Or two.

Last night, I went spooning with the Bathrobe Guy. It was epic and fabulous. We went all over campus, putting little green army men in random places. I think I like them better than the spoons we normally use because they can't be mistaken for trash. We scaled the windowpanes in the chapel, stacked chairs in the dining hall to put one atop the clock, and climbed up each other to stick them on ledges and windowsills. We're both tall, which definitely helped. We found a huge, blank white board in a classroom in Ken Olsen (the new science building) and wrote in huge letters on it, "Her body will lie in the chamber forever. Love and kisses, Tom Marvolo Riddle." Bahahaha.


Katie said...

HAHAHA!!! You are hiLARious! So I hope everything at church goes well this moring. Also, I found the army man from Phillips on the ground, so I picked the poor thing up and brought him back to the dorm for you to properly place him back in action. See you later today!!! :)

saraphimiscool said...

"she's finally getting out of the annoying pre-teen phase she started at about age nine. Or two."

you make me laugh. C:

i think purple will be fun. C:

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