I'm having a pretty good day. =)

This morning, Roomie and I went out for brunch at Denny's. Twas delightfully not-Lane-ish. My 1:15 class got cancelled, and the prof couldn't make it to my 3:00 so we got out at 4:20 instead of 5. Then we all smoked weed.


Kate: I really love the - FRICKMUFFINS!

Kate: Whatcha doin
Me: Writing down the bread groups leaders' names so I can contact them for the Tartan.
Kate: Oh. I'd better step away before I look too interested.

Me: It can be your "Where's Taz?" shirt. Wheres Waldo?! I mean... Taz.

Taz: I thought you said, "My teeth are sweating," and I was like, "...isn't that just spit?"

Ravin: I had a dream in which i wielded your quadruple lightsaber to save the Pantsless One's ass. for in dreams the logic of how much one wouldn't work at all didn't apply. I was kickin bum and takin names

Martha: I love your shirt.
Me: Thanks! Do you know Cobra Starship?
Martha: Umm... I've heard of them...
Me: They're really dancey.
Martha: Then I would probably like them. I like to dance, even though I'm bad at it.
Me: Yeah, I can't dance either. I think it's cause my moves are white.... white hot, that is.


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