"I Can Finally Breathe..."

I really want a caesar salad. Nothing else will satisfy me. I had a pretty carbtastic breakfast and couldn't wait to get some vegetables at a later meal, but it was a Tuesday, so there weren't really any later meals - just snacks. Lots of cheese and yogurt that aren't going to solve my sinus problems. Aaaand some really fab blueberry pie. Anyway, no one really cares what I ate all day. Let it suffice to say that I would do anything for a caesar salad right now. ANYTHING.

After my nine hours of classes, I practically skipped to my car. I simply couldn't contain the excitement any longer. It started building in July when I went to the Warped Tour (for the first time... hehe) and found out Anberlin had an album, New Surrender, coming out in September. It's been mounting since I got back to school and told my editor that I had exclusive rights to review it. Exclusive, you hear. Nobody else touches that article. Nobody else even touches the idea of writing that article. It's MINE. When the clock struck midnight last night, I was sooo tempted to just download the CD and play it on loop all day long today. But I didn't. I held out through nine torturous hours of class and booked it to Newbury Comics the second I was free. I got the LAST COPY. And it is a beautiful, beautiful thing, especially at high volumes while you're speeding down the highway. Trust me, I know.


Amandasaurus's new favorite thing: Hot chai with apple juice. It's sweet and warm and tastes, as Roomie says, like a liquedated apple pie.


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