I’ve been jumping off bridges without you,
and it’s just not the same.
I had a dream that you weren’t there. I went
out to find you in the rain.

The trail you left wound up, up and
nowhere. There I saw you, framed
like the pixels and particles you
arrange so lovingly; framed
in the lilies and the leaves and the toadstools,

in a pool of water deep as the sky
and green with tree trunks mid-cartwheel.
There is something better on the underbelly of this
reflection, and I am going to find it.

Raindrops leave their perfectcircle deathnotes,
scars spinning across the perfectmirrorpool.
It can’t be summer all year round.
Soft, sunshine, don’t you make a sound.
I put my face to the dappled mirror, wanting
to see the inverted city’s wooden skyline
But I drown trying to get there.


New poem, free verse. It came out way more depressing than I really intended, but as I wrote it I realized that it embodies my feelings on the issue pretty well. Yep, depression. Suckfest.

The first stanza I've had all summer, with no idea how to complete the thought until I was out walking in the rain today (and after I walked to Nebraska by mistake earlier this week).

I don't think I should talk so much about the process because it probably makes the poem less enjoyable, so I'll shut up now. ^_^


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