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My news article on the lounges in Ferrin (my residence hall) being turned into rooms made the front page of the student paper! Woot. I also have a review of Tropic Thunder in this issue.

For next week's issue of The Tartan, I had a phone interview with Jo, a communication professor who is now working with the college communication office. She teaches my media writing class, so I was a little stressed before making the call. She's always seemed very approachable and warm, but I just worried that I would mess up and she'd think I was stupid. Of course, she didn't. She spoke slowly enough for me to get things down and even pointed out which of my questions were particularly good. I should've known she would understand, since she's usually on my side of the conversation (that is, the interviewer side).

That lasted until 10:25, which is when chapel starts. This year I've been getting there late, even when I give myself seven or eight minutes (by my clock, which is fast) to make the three minute walk. I guess they just start ridiculously early. Anyway, I knew they'd never let me in. Nobody wants to sit through convocation - usually a panel discussion, i.e., lots of talking and no music - without at least getting chapel credit. So instead I stayed in Ferrin and dyed my hair turquoise again.

*New profile pic*

Vans Warped Tour 2008 in Carson, CA
I was going to take one of my newly dyed hair, but my photo booth isn't working. I think the Apple store might have messed up my camera when they replaced my screen, which I busted last weekend by shutting the plug inside of it when a fire alarm went off. It cost me $700 to fix. Or more accurately, it cost my Dad that much. Good old Dad. It's good to know someone always has your back. It just drives me crazy that if I had set the alarm off myself and the fire department had had to come check things out, the fine, $650, would've cost less than the repairs.


Eeeva said...

Hey amanda! I like your blog... didn't know you had this goin. Thank you for the comments! I'll make it.

Mandemonium said...

I just started this blog; I was using LiveJournal until yesterday. This will be a really good way for us to keep up with each other's lives =)

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