Good grief. I had an awful night last night. First I couldn't fall asleep for anything, even though I was exhausted. Then Jamus wouldn't leave me alone. [In my new book, Jamus is the character responsible for nightmares.] I ended up dozing in fitful spurts riddled with really scary dreams. I can't even remember the dreams anymore, just that I was terrified in them. At one point I woke up, tried to read the clock on the other side of the room and failed because my vision is horrible, and noticed a shadow in the corner of my room where the wardrobe is. I must have fallen asleep again really, really fast, without moving, and without closing my eyes, because all of a sudden the shadow took on the shape of Luigi and jumped out at me. It scared the living shit out of me because I thought I was still awake. But I woke up, and I was sweating buckets. Finally I got a drink of water, ditched the comforter, and flipped my pillow over, which always seems to help for some reason. And it did. I finally got a little rest, but not until after four. Needless to say, it was Bedside Baptist for me this morning. Blaaaa.

Now I have to go find a way to shower and wash my hair without washing the turquoise part of it. This shall be interesting.


واد غلبان said...

waw that was a rough night

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