Pocketful of Stars

I have discovered the beauty of chai tea. I dislike most teas. I think it's because I'm accustomed to drinking really sweet things, like juice, and for hot drinks, really rich things like cocoa. Anyway, I've now had chai tea twice in the past week and found it to be delicious both times. This is a good thing, since I'll have to drink a lot more of it if I catch a cold. Which I think I am.

I made like a hundred paper stars during class today and handed them out to people at dinner. I love the thought of a little origami star brightening someone's day. I also like the idea of manufacturing my own wishing stars. There are a lot of things I need to wish for (or just a few things that I need to wish for a lot of times).

My pajamas still smell amazing. Kate has determined that I am an oyster and that I change sexes while I sleep. Bear vehemently refutes this claim. Meanwhile, I just wish that whatever boy smelled this good would come schneckle with me again, and that I would have some recollection of it this time.

Good thing I have all these wishing stars. ^_~


Katie said...

I wish the boy would come by too...then we all could shneckle. :D Weeeee!!!

Eeeva said...

i love chai too.

brijenieve said...

So sophomore year, I was having a super crap day - dark raincloud over my head and everything. After dinner one crowded Lane evening, my roommate Abby and I headed downstairs to check our mail....

From Abby's perspective: Halfway down the stairs, she finds a giant, yellow paper star on the floor. She thinks "Carrie's having a terrible day - I'll turn around and present this to her with a verse of 'When You Wish Upon a Star' to cheer her up!

Meanwhile, from my perspective: I had to check something or talk to someone - instead of heading down right behind Abby, I stepped into the little hallway by the dishroom. When I turn to go down the stairs, I see Abby, halfway down the steps, holding up a line of people going down the stairs. Looking closer, I realize she's turned around, star in hand, choking back an impressive "When you..." as she realizes the four bewildered LX guys she's serenading are, in fact, not me.

Needless to say, that moment cheered me up.

Nathan Day said...

Refute the claim indeed! You do not change genders in the night, or I'd have noticed! Men are gross, and I would not shneckle with one .V.

I think I tried chai once, didn't appeal to my taste buds if it's what I think it was.

And as much as I'd like to say I magically ninja shneckled my way in there, I don't carry much of a smell other than Pantene Shampoo and a scentless deodorant, so it couldn't have been me.

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