Boredom begone! Pt. II

Okay, The Pantsless One first because I got it from her.
1. You can get lost like nobody's business... but that's okay because it leads to adventures. ^_^
2. Start Wearing Purple, of course, on account of we listen to it every time you, me and Ravin do anything remotely epic. Such as going to Warped '05 and playing it until my poor mother wanted to kill herself. XD
3. STEAK. Which would've been better if you were still a veggo like me.
4. "you're invited to wear your purple jeans and spoon with me and my friends. see you there."
5. Me running all over the place screaming ring around the rosy at the ballet studio while you ate chips or something and stared at me like I belonged in the loony bin (which I did. And still do.)
6. A lion... because you has a mane, though it's not nearly as bad as it used to be when people would lose stuff in it....
7. Did you ever know that you're my hero?
8. If I ever want to laugh until my stomach hurts, I know who to go to. In high school I often enjoyed vicariously taking part in the drama of your Catholic school girl life since my life was pretty lamesauce. XD

Katiekins (a.k.a. Roomie)!
1. You're very studious and people don't get to see the silly side of you very often, but I am blessed to live with you and get to have fun laughing with you all the time!
3. Ummm.... A cupcake.
4. "Your fallopian tube turned into a dragon man!"
5. Bumping into you in the hallway while my family was helping me move in. I wish I had a more exciting story than that.
6. A kitten because you're adorable and silly and I can't help but love you to death.
7. How do you maintain your sanity, working as hard as you do? You have a hardcore work ethic, girly!
8. You're a very grounded individual, but you balance yourself out with the fun side that likes to put up Christmas lights and make paper snowflakes.
9. My turn!!

Angry Frodo:
1. It was nice meeting you, even if you are my least favorite kind of vegetable...
2. Probs something by Dragonforce.
4. "I would be a bad Pez dispenser because my jaw locks."
5. After the Sweaty Tooth show when you were like "I'm inventing an anime club!!"
6. Uhh... Zazu from the Lion King.
8. You have ridiculously epic dreams ALL THE TIME.
9. My turn.


It's pink and slidey and I loves it. =D


Anonymous said...

"did you ever know that you're me heeerooo?" "mom i've got it!".....i am positive that gill and i have told you this story...if not then you are now officially confused lol

Mandemonium said...

I am officially confused.

jenniferin said...

ooo, can you do me next? :)

Anonymous said...

well one time gill and i called nick and he answered the phone and gill started singing "did you ever know that you're my hero?" to him and all we hear him say is "mom, i've got it!" and it was quite amusing. there. now you are officially slightly less confused lol.

And Andrew Did not Wept. said...


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