Boredom begone! Pt. VI

Schneckleface! my loverrrrrrr! (Can I still make those kind of jokes? ...Yes. Yes I can. XD)
1. There was a girl named Schneckleface who thought he was cute, but she bubbled fuzzy dandelions.
2. "Classifieds" always makes me think of you because you love it so much.
3. Jelly Beans. I have no idea why.
4. "Whose tiny bra is this? ...This is Gabe Saporta."
5. It was the very beginning of my first year at college and you were knitting in your room by yourself when I walked by. It made me sad so I went and said hi to you.
6. Dag, I was totally gonna put a teddy bear for you but now it looks like I'm copying. But you're so dang cuddly! (And I probably remind you of a giraffe because of the way I eat ice cream.)
7. How the heck do you make paper stars so fast...?
8. Even when you have good reason to be sad or stressed, you always find something to smile or giggle about.

Weirdest December EVER. It's 63 degrees out today. I took a long walk around Beaver Pond. Then it got windy and cloudy. No rain so far, but we'll see - I just hope it comes before the temperature drops, or else that the temperature drops all the way to 30 before the rain. Either way works. =D

I had this dream last night that my family was at church. A tree had fallen over and my dad was trying to put it back up. All the leaves were beautiful, vibrant colors, the sort of colors that belong on Cobra fans, not on trees. I was collecting them. It was a good dream until it cut to a scene in my kitchen. Someone was there who shouldn't have been there. I knew who it was, but he was out of context and I didn't want him there, so I got angry, swore at him, and woke myself up. Bummer.

I have a "final" at 6. My tutoring class is meeting to finish discussing our research papers over pizza. Why do all of my finals involve eating fatty foods??? This is GREAT!


jenniferin said...

reading about your dream is a lot more amusing now that I know more about that last well as the neon "pocahontas leaves" :)

Dee said...

cobra-colored trees! that'd be so AWESOME!!! well we don't have hot topic here in chile :( but the last one I bought was actually a decent and known brand xD

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