Snowy with a high of 32

"It's funny how you find you enjoy your life when you're happy to be alive."

Reasons I am happy to be alive:

- I had a fantastic time on my date last night. For the record, though, Twilight is a pretty awful movie. Awful acting, plus some of the camera work really aggravated me/made me dizzy. And as Not-Yet-Boyfriend pointed out, the special effects left a lot to be desired. Anyway, let's get back to reasons I'm happy.

- Driving around, all the houses have Christmas lights twinkling on the trees. And I'm sure that I've not seen the Christmas lights this bright before.

- I woke up this morning and the skylight was blanketed with snow! I call it the white window test. It's how I know the snow is sticking. It's always nice to look out the window and see those very first few flakes of snow. Later on, we can go outside and create the impression of an angel that just fell from the sky.

- The bare trees don't look so naked now in their robes of white.

- Now that it's snowed and we have a beautiful evergreen sparkling in our living room, I feel that it is totally acceptable for me to blast my holiday playlist in the car.

- The only thing that makes me happier than Relient K's old-skool punk-rock Christmas album, "Deck the Halls, Bruise Your Hand," is their cover of "Sleigh Ride." When Megs and I saw them last year, they played that song and some random guys we'd befriended and started a mosh pit with insisted that we "slow mosh" to it. Soooo imagine a slow-motion mosh pit to this:

- I also feel that it is totally acceptable for me to laugh my head off listening to "Sleigh Ride" alone in my car while all the drivers around me wonder if I'm completely nuts. The answer is yes; yes I am.

And you know what?

I am okay with that. ^_^


carlydee said...

Glad to hear you're so happy, darling.
Twilight was quite terrible... I wasn't fond of the scoring at all. It could have had MUCH better music. There was nothing special about it, either. It seemed like Bella and Edward were going to break up at any given moment; I didn't get that true love feeling that usually happens in movies focused on romance. It felt very temporary.
"Giddy-up giddy-up giddy-up let's go, let's look at the show..."

Dee said...

I'm jealous of your snowy christmas. My window is completely opened and I'm listening acoustic music to get even more freshed. I hate summer. Just today it was like 85 (at least) outside.

I know what you mean :( when they did Stealin Shit 2 I thought "someone's running out of imagination". They definitely need a break.

Dee said...

ps.- my mom is trying to get me to see twilight with her. told her she had to read the book first, cause I'm not all that excited about it for what I've read.

And Andrew Did not Wept. said...

are there any good movies out these days? I heard twilight was bad and all...

Mandemonium said...

Stealin shit 2 had its moments, like Sisky getting someone's sweatshirt right off their back or something... but yeah. I think Jack needs to hire me and my amazing screenwriting skills to add some spice to the mix.

And no, Andrew, I do not believe there are any good movies out now. You know it's bad when Disney Channel original movies hit the theaters.

Anonymous said...

i will refute your argument for no good movies out right now. Australia is AMAZING. i can't stop ranting about it. yes, a good portion of it is romance (which is freaking good romance plot if you ask me) but it's also very historically accurate, lots of exciting action, adorable aborigine children, and beautiful soundtrack. i loved it. furreal. and of course hugh jackman is hot AND has an australian accent. i want to see it again.

Mandemonium said...

Romance? I am sensing that this may be a good movie to drag Paul to on our next date...... XD

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