My mom teaches piano lessons, and I hate being home when she does. Not because I don't like hearing the music, though hearing kids struggle through the same four-note songs for 19 years of my life does get a little monotonous - but hey, what are headphones for, right? No, the worst is that it suddenly becomes my responsibility to answer the phone, which starts ringing off the hook the moment my mother sits down to teach a lesson, so I accomplish nothing because I'm too busy playing fetch with the handset. And when I answer, people just assume I'm her and start talking a million miles a second, so I have to interrupt and explain that I am not, in fact, my mother and that she is teaching (if you're calling about piano lessons, you should KNOW that she's teaching during the afternoon), and then they start throwing questions at me like I should know the answers. When I don't, they start pitching names and call-back numbers and I'm like, oh shit I don't have a pen, so now I'm trying to memorize things that have no relevance to me, and meanwhile the computer's going into screen saver mode and my train of thought is totally derailed.....

So yeah, long story short, I decided I should go somewhere else to work on my novel. But there's no Prancing Pony or Claymore or Atomic Cafe around here. And then I remembered I was supposed to play chauffeur for my sister and get her from basketball practice at 5, so I decided to go early and just do my work at the high school.

But I got to my car and the door was iced shut, the windshield wipers were frozen down, the heat knob was sticking (this was ten minutes later, after I pried the door open and thawed my frostbitten fingers), and when I put it in drive, there was this awful grinding sound from under the car and the wheels started spinning. So apparently I am TRAPPED here, possibly for as long as it takes for the ice to thaw and maybe even longer if there is actual permanent damage to my car from living under the snow for four days.

*Angry people music time*


krystinadee said...

i know that when i go to my music lessons, i end up getting a headache straight afterwards because i have to sit in the waiting room, staring at the walls, while listeneing to a bunch of kids mess up on their composition.
and it's even worse when i KNOW the song that they're playing, and they just messing it up, which takes away the mere enjoyment of familiarity with the song.

in conclusion, my heart goes out to you XD

Anonymous said...

i'm so sorry. especially since i know that part of the reason your car is iced shut is that my car is in your garage. :C i hope you can figure out something to do in the meantime to be able to work on your book. too bad you can't come to my house. it's so quiet it's creepy sometimes.

on the other hand, i made a pretty awesome present for you. i hope you love love LOVE it. C:

merry early christmas if i don't get any internet until afterwards. it's hard to tell though. free wifi is NOT easy to find!

i love you. we should talk again soon.

Mandemonium said...

My car would've gotten the driveway either way; my mom's is brand new and my dad's is almost as old as I am. Anyway, it's running now, and that's what matters =)

Brijenieve said...

hahahahahaaaa i feel your pain. my car was frozen shut in woodland one frigid morning... i had to be at my babysitting place by 7:30 and discovered the frozen-ness at about 7:15. Then my tires spun out thanks to gordon's fabulous 'push the snow out of the middle of the roads and on top of the cars' policy, and i (alone) had to put my car in neutral, get out and push it out of the spot. it was a little bit.... ridiculous. glad you got your car running eventually!

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