Boredom begone! Pt. IV

For Wanda because she asked me.
1. You've never been killed.
2. Wayne's World (I don't know why except that we watched it together.... and sort of modeled Rad World after it...)
3. tapioca pearls.
4. I CHALLENGE YOU TO A POKEMON BATTLE TO THE DEATH OVER BILLVY! or, Guard your Pikachu. We have too many inside jokes.
5. Second grade. I went over your house and I wanted to draw pictures with you but you didn't want to waste the paper. XD
6. Hobbes.
7. Something I've ALWAYS wondered? Like... since second grade??? Uhhh. Why do you love the Beatles so much? Pfft, that was a stupid question. Oh well.
8. I love how we are mutually there to pick each other up when we're down, and how we'll be silly fangirls forever no matter how old we get.
9. My turn!

From Wanda because she's too stubborn to get a blog of her own XD (but I love her anyway.)
1. You're dating a guy that, were he animated, would be Howl as he looked in the beginning of Howl's Moving Castle.
2. Lovely Complex, anything by Relient K or Switchfoot, lots of other songs I'm sure.
3. What do you call it? Ba-freakin'-nana bread?
4. Fatal ice gets of freed she needs and rewind I rest raits like these.
5. Probably the same as yours haha.
6. A Pokemon with boundless energy and cheeriness with a little emo thrown in.
7. Why do you never have a shortage of potential boyfriends?
8. "Our bond of mutual weirdness is a beautiful thing XD". You drew amazing amazing unforgettable pictures on my birthday quiz. Your quiz was among my favorite souvenirs of the night (distant second is Patrick's quiz; he thinks I have 3 eyebrows and that my middle name is Thompson and likes my insane Singstar skills). are always available for much needed emotional MCS says "you hold me down".
9. You've already done me. OoOo~that sounded dirty!


carlydee said...

I'm late on the bandwagon but I don't care; this looks fun! :D

My name's extremely difficult to guess. Wink wink. Nod nod.

Dee said...

my friend and I do that sometimes. it's crazy xD

I actually wanted to laugh really hard when she asked "why so serious?" but I contained myself and when she disappeared I started laughing... it was so weird.

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