An overwhelming number of my favorite people bundled into a single track:

"Bittersweet" sort of embodies how I'm feeling about a few things right now. Snow. My family. Life... and its lack of talking animals and epic clashes of good vs. evil. The usual.

It snowed so bad today that it took us at least half an hour to make it home from Marshall's (it should've been half that), and when we got to the road that my street branches off of, there were some guys pushing cars up the little slope because none of them could make it up. So far at least eight inches of cold, white fairy dust have collected on the tree branches and wrought iron furniture outside.

I am starting to see some of the reasons adults dislike snow. Aside from the perilous roads, there's the issue of shoveling. I don't think I'd mind so much except we have a long, gravel driveway and, oh yeah, I have spaghetti for arm muscles. There's nothing like manual labor to make you resent one of nature's most beautiful mood swings.

For now, though, I'm hunkering down in my chilly little cave of a bedroom after watching two of my favorite movies with two of my favorite people. Horton Hears a Who, if you haven't seen it, is SO not "just for kids." It's got drugs - I mean, fuzzy dandelions - and emo kids in it. Really, with those factors, you can't go wrong.

After that we watched Prince Caspian. I adore fantasy movies like that, but I felt really bad for my sister because she couldn't understand why a little girl coming back to a magical world where trees and animals used to be her friends would try to talk to a bear. I said she just needed to read more fantasy books and use her imagination a little, which for some reason made her kind of mad at me.

Then, when the movie ended, I got all melancholy as I always do at the end of fantasy movies and said to my mom, "I always hate when the adventure has to end and everything has to go back to normal." She looked at me the way she used to when she wanted to talk me out of believing in fairies in sixth grade and said, "Fantasy isn't real, darling."

Well, yeah, but are you saying you don't get sucked into the story? Are you saying you don't suspend your disbelief and start to believe lions really talk? How can you not want that to be real? Le sigh. Apparently I am the only one in this household with a taste for high fantasy. Tragic.

But I am trying to highlight the sweet. Snow is magical. I can't wait to go walking in the fresh, clean, black and white world tomorrow. I should buy film and take pictures. We have storytellers to make up for the things that are impossible in real life, and hey, real life isn't so bad, anyway. In fact, right now it's kind of...



Brijenieve said...

Sometimes I wonder... I mean, think of the flood stories. The Bible tells us all about Noah and the flood. It also just so happens that there are hundreds of legends and lore about a world wide flood, created by hundreds of peoples. The fact that the 'legend' is so well known and documented by so many different peoples seems to give further evidence towards it actually having happened.
Similarly, it seems that almost every culture has legends and stories about fairies, dragons, mystical creatures.... sure it could be just that one story got popular and repeated, then distorted according to culture... or there could be something to it. Maybe there are so many stories about it because there's some small fragment of truth somewhere in there.
I refuse to believe that the world is only what we see. I also have a deep deep love for fantasy and think that....you know what? there's an awful lot about this world that we DON'T know. Maybe there's something 'fantastic' or 'magical' to it, and we just don't know it yet - or rather, anymore.
Just a thought. =)

jenniferin said...

yeah, I can't fly home until tommorrow at the earliest because of the snow

Dee said...

thank you :) unfortunately they don't support me. here in chile the artist lifestyle equals being poor and unhappy. it makes me feel hopeless sometimes knowing that they don't support me, but I know and feel that it's what I need and want for myself...

I know what you mean about your little sister. I've told the same thing to mine (and also to my older brother) and they always get mad at me for doing it. They just don't get how somethings that in "this" world don't happen can actually happen in "another" world. It makes me sad sometimes because they don't have imagination and I don't understand how some people can be so short-sighted.

You know what? I always tell my parents that God is as fantastic as it is Alice In Wonderland. Can you prove he actually exists? You only FEEL him, but you can't touch him. It's the same with fantasy when they say that it doesn't exist. They're just giving me another reason to hate that "seeing is believing" saying. They DO NOT see God yet they DO believe in him. But since they do not see fantasy they cannot believe in it. And that's when they tell me to sit down and shut up. And that's when I get up and leave the room.

I'd love to live in a place where it snows... it doesn't (and it never has) here and I hate hot christmas. I hate summer actually. So my plan is to move out asap to a place where it does :) I have a friend in Philly but I've always wanted to live in Chicago.

Dee said...

once again, I thank you :) and yeah, you're right, it does mean risking pooverty, but in my mind I like the picture of a bunch of people and their musical instruments in a van on the road going nowhere. You can come with us if you can't afford an aparment xD

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