I'm a pirate, doncha know?

Last night instead of sleigh bells, all I heard on my roof was RAIN, washing my beautiful white Christmas down the drain. ='(

I know y'all want to hear about the booty. I had a pretty good haul this morning. My dad bought me an iPod even though I told him not to; and I mean, it'll be great to not have to deal with the defective select button on the ol' video iPod anymore, but as long as the thing played music I wasn't going to replace it. I got loads of socks and I'm thrilled because I've gotten holes in all my favorite pairs this month. I got all kinds of shampoo and other useful things that every college girl needs, like a toothbrush and chewing gum. I got a few books, too. I should read more often. I miss it.

I think I need to issue a list of approved stores to my grandparents, though. They always buy me gift cards, and it's good that they want me to pick out my own gift so I'll be sure to like it, but there's only so much you can pick out at a store you don't really want to shop at. I could use a gift card for Hot Topic, Pac Sun, Journeys, Barnes and Noble, Borders, Forever 21, the Apple store (which my uncle was shrewd enough to get), or the whole gosh darn mall if you really wanna play it safe, but they ALWAYS get them for Macy's or Kohl's and... I just don't really buy stuff at those places anymore. Last time I used it on a toaster oven, which I'm not actually even allowed to have at school....

Kudos to whichever grandparent picked out the Panera card, though. When in doubt, food is always a good gift. Just look at all the banana bread I baked this year.

My dad's new robot toy is talking really loudly downstairs. Harold, our miniature schnauzer, is a riot about it; he keeps going over to sniff it, then the thing says something and the poor dog runs away in terror. I won't lie. I've walked by it a couple times, thinking it was off, only to have it make some remark. I screamed and practically fell over on my way upstairs to make this post.

I know I promised an excerpt from my story. Until I have time to get that up, enjoy these lovely pictures:


Brijenieve said...

Hahaha sounds like fun. That robot thing would be amusing...what kind of stuff does it say? My cats were entertained enough with all the boxes (which they promptly sat in, of course) and paper on the floor, without adding a snarky robot to the mix... still, sounds like fun. =)

And Andrew Did not Wept. said...

Cool! I like your dog. And congrats on your new ipod! (even though you did not ask for it).

jenniferin said...

I'll be sure to report on my own presents...once I actually get home to open them :)

Dee said...

your dog looks happier than my christmas tree.

I got a cobra-colored bag!

Mandemonium said...

If you make it go in circles it says stupid stuff like, "are there tornadoes around here?" and "I'm caught in a swirling vortex!!" It's stupid.

The dog in the picture isn't actually my dog, I just thought the picture was Christmafabulous.

And Dee.... my word... I want that bag. I love how "Cobra" is a legitimate adjective to describe really bright colors and that other people understand it when I use it...

Anonymous said...

i also like how "cobra colored" hardly refers to only one color...especially not one color at a time. C:

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