I had an eventful night of dreaming last night. I remember a snippet of something where I was driving and TAI...'s new single, Winter Passing, was on the radio. But what I dreamed later was way more epic, I promise.

I dreamed my good friends in Philmont were playing a show nearby and I was going with a few friends. When we got there, it was a tiny little venue like the place where I saw Kiros with the Spontaneous Concert Enthusiast. There wasn't much of a crowd at first but it quickly filled up. It was great because everyone was so into the show and the guys played really well! Then the entire crowd started a meat grinder or something and I got swept up really close to the stage and said hi to Scott, who remembered me (I hope, since they lived at my house for a day), so I jumped up on stage to give them all hugs.

Meanwhile, there were some random spoil sports trying to get people to pay attention to them and stop enjoying the music, but to no avail. Then the thing they were trying to warn us about happened: all these creatures suddenly invaded. Almost everyone escaped and hid in a safe room somewhere, but me and a few others were left to fight the monsters. Eventually we won. For some reason there was a lady with a gun outside the window and I noticed she was aiming for me just in time to drop to the ground. I don't really know where she went after that, but I know she spent a long time trying to get me and I just kept dancing out of range too quickly for her to actually shoot at me.

I guess time must have rewound after that, because it was before the invasion, before the show, and I was with one of the invaders while he showed me how they'd been dismantling the wall around the place and how they were going to break in. As soon as I got a chance, I went inside to warn everyone. It was like that movie Vantage Point - the same thing was happening, but I was seeing it from a different perspective. I realized how stupid I'd been to ignore the people trying to warn me while I'd been the one enjoying the music.

I went around trying to find someone who would listen to me. There was a pool room behind where the concert was happening, and apparently upstairs was where I lived. My dad was there, acting very much like he would in real life. He had all these random theories and strategies for keeping out the invaders. I guess they had to invade at a specific time, so he went around changing all the clocks in the house to different times and making their numbers bigger and brighter so the creatures wouldn't know when to come in. He also had this fan he kept trying to turn on, and I kept getting mad at him because I knew we wouldn't hear them come in if the fan was on.

Then I started getting text messages from my mom and this random guy who was there, saying that the monsters had gotten in; where was I and how could I not have heard them come? But then instead of going to fight, I got together all our supplies and brought them out to the car so we could make a fast getaway. I had invisible keys, apparently, and also an invisible bike that I was riding back to the house after the car was packed. The keys actually opened the car and the bike actually made me go faster, even though I had to make the sounds for them to work - like I had to make the trunk-opening sound myself or it wouldn't work.

I bumped into my family on the way back, and they were all safe, but for some reason I kept riding. Maybe there were still monsters left to slay. I don't know. I woke up after that and realized my alarm was supposed to have gone off 25 minutes ago. Damn my iPod alarm! It always does this to me!!

Oh, there was also a part of the dream that was lucid; all of a sudden, out of nowhere, the realization hit me that I was dreaming. I didn't do any reality checks, and it didn't scare me or startle me - it was just like, oh, that's right, this isn't real. Then I started trying to make stuff happen, and I definitely made people do stuff and it was definitely awesome.

Song of the Day:
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carlydee said...

Ahh, I miss having vivid dreams like this!
Isn't it awesome when you're conscious of your dreaming? I was up against an army of soldiers once and I was able to clone myself at my will to defeat the oncoming invaders. Good times.
Dreams are wonderful things.

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