So THIS is why I went through five printers last year...

I hope this makes you giggle as much as it made me giggle.

Again, I am extremely, extremely sorry for the profanity last night. Moving right along now. Roomie and I went out to Build-a-Bear for a little roomie Christmas funtime and we made each other plushies! Mine is a fuzzy teddy bear named Bear and hers is a penguin named Chubbie.

Last night I also went to the best Sweaty Tooth Madmen (improv) show I've seen to date. I know I say that every time, but that's because it's TRUE every time. They just keep outdoing themselves. The sounds they make, and the faces they make... They are precisely the right kind of hilarious to make me laugh until I cry.

There were Christmas lights and a pretty little tree decorating the stage. Both got incorporated into the show as props. The lights started falling down during a sketch about a couple bickering over putting up Christmas lights, so the two of them ran over and pulled the lights completely off the wall and said they were stealing them from the neighbors (and the neighbors have complained damn near every night).

I got a call from my dad this morning. Or was it afternoon? It might have been afternoon by then. I couldn't tell because I went back to bed after I got my omelette this morning. Anyway, we had a good conversation and that made me happy. I'm excited to go pick out my new phone with him soon. That makes it sound like I only keep around to buy me things, but really, we've been on excellent terms lately. I think me being away at school has made it possible for us to be a bit more like equals or friends, though of course he's still my father and the first question he asks any guy that crosses the threshold of our house will always be, "what are you going to do with your life?" ^_^


Brijenieve said...

Haha! That video's hysterical. Have you seen the one with the flushing toilet?

Love sweaty tooth. It's one of the biggest things I miss about Gordon. =P

carlydee said...

Ahh! Kitty! *cutegasm*
Reminds me of my cat.

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