I has a Viking.

Well, today my promotional campaign team presented our marketing strategies to the rest of my media writing class. We got a great response and the class had some excellent suggestions for our client, Advocates for a Sustainable Future. That's the end, really. That promo campaign was our final. All that's left is writing one last press release and turning it in next Wednesday morning... at the professor's house... while she feeds us pancakes. ^_^

I'm in the writing center til four. I'm still less than comfortable with tutoring scenarios, but fortunately I've mostly worked with pretty competent writers who are open to suggestions and dialogue on their papers. I can't wait to take a nap, though. My womb hurts. Damn my ovaries.

Speaking of me being menstrual and psychotic... dag, yo. You should have seen me last night. I was so pissed off at stuff that normally only pisses me off a little. As much as I didn't want to venture out into the frigid New England cold (it was only 20 degrees out yesterday), I couldn't sit still at my desk a second longer, so I donned my gym gear and took off for the Bennett Center to work out. Yes, me, working out. I was that pissed.

I listened to screamo while running around the track. I ran until I couldn't run anymore (which didn't take too long since I'm horribly out of shape); then I walked until my muscles got bored of doing the same thing over and over; then I stretched and did crunches until I couldn't do another sit up. After an hour and a half, I decided that, since I was more or less paralyzed by then, I should probably stop and go finish up the campaign.

I mentioned to Not-Yet-Boyfriend that stuff was really getting to me, and he said, "It's Viking time!" Which I'm fairly certain is a threat.

Thanks for that. <3


saraphimiscool said...

what made you so upset? i's so sorry you feel bad.

Mandemonium said...

SFG. >_<

but I feel more bettery nows... thanks to chocolate cake, endorphins, and my chemical romance.

saraphimiscool said...

i thought you meant that endorphins were your chemical romance. ^_^

ok, totally unrelated to this topic. jess gave me an idea for you to write about as a future writer's-block filler.

a short story about someone like jess finding herself in someone's brain like my own. i guess it's not a completely foreign idea, but it just made me laugh. mostly because i said, in a sort of someone-who's-just-gone-insane manner, "if you had to live one day inside my brain, you'd commit suicide," mostly in regard to my indecisiveness. cause we always laugh about our differences in this area. C:

so yeah. i just gave you 3 blog comments today. C:
i love you,

And Andrew Did not Wept. said...

Hey, I have vikings. REAL viking music too.

by the way. Did you lose your cell phone? Cuz you aren't responding to me.

Mandemonium said...

Oh, I shouldn't assume that people realize this - Paul's descended from Vikings, hence how him saying it's viking time would be an actual threat. ^_^

YEAH SARAH!! YOURE THE BEST!! And you're getting the raddest Christmas present in life! kthxbye.

boredomabound said...

i'm jealous you got to exercise out your rage. it is perhaps my favorite way to deal with stress but for some reason my parents are against letting me use the treadmill while i have a broken foot. lol.

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