Technicolor girls

Twas the eve of Christmas eve, and all through the house..... echoed the strains of Amandasaurus's emo music... because no matter how hard I try to grow out of being scene and emo, I keep finding more emo bands that don't suck. Hard to believe, I know.

I also can't help drooling over all the scenester jewelry illuminating Claire's with its neon glory. I should not be allowed in that store. I should also not admit that I shop there, as it exists for the whims of obnoxious tweeney girls who are at least four years younger than me. BUT YOU ARE NEVER TOO OLD FOR NEON. Remember that.

I finished shopping today! I freaked out and called everyone asking what the flip I should get my boyfriend for Christmas, and they were like, "Well, just get him - ah - hmmm, you have a point; he IS hard to shop for...." And of course in the end I came up with an entirely different idea from what everyone suggested. Isn't that just like me?

As you may have guessed from the fact that I went shopping, I got my car out of the driveway and it's running fine. Aaand running into a lot of snowbanks because apparently I can't navigate around them.... I just know they must've had someone like me captaining the Titanic....

Anyhow, I bought some stuff and baked some stuff and bought some more stuff. My sister wants Uggs; she's been through at least as many pairs of those things as I've been through Chucks, and that's quite a lot. She knew no one in the family had the money for Uggs, though, and asked for an imitation instead, which was really good of her. But she wanted them to basically BE Uggs without actually bearing the logo. Walking around the mall yesterday, she found a reason to dislike EVERY pair of boots we presented to her. Well, tonight I found a really lovely cranberry red pair at Kohl's, and even though I generally think Uggs are hideously, irredeemably ugly... if she doesn't like this pair, I'm totally taking them for myself. XD

Well, I'm out for the night. I've been getting up early - like, before the hour hand reaches double digits.... In fact, I've been up before nine every day this week, and for me that is a feat indeed. Why do I put myself through this on vacation? you may ask. After all, I didn't get up this early when school was in session; why do you think I didn't make my chapel quota? Well. I've been working on my novel, which is way more exciting and epic than chapel (with the exception of that one chapel with the guy from Walden Media, and the one with that other guy who's getting me an agent.... and the one where that other other guy who was mostly blind referenced Harry Potter.)

As they all grow older the truth will be understood,
cause we never turn out the way we thought we would.


carlydee said...

*gasp* That totally IS "What Sarah Said" by my beloved Death Cab.

Good choice! They're brilliant, lyrically and musically.

Ohh, novels are an insane amount of work... good luck, I bet it's great.

Dee said...

y'know Death Cab ISN'T that emo, and they're actually really amazing. and that song is beautiful, but listen to Brothers On A Hotel Bed from that same album, it's even more beautiful.

lol, go tell that neon thing to Katy Perry, she's gonna slap you probably since she loves all those shiny little things.

I liked those last phrases :) you're so right about that...

Merry Christmas :D have fun with your novel!

krystinadee said...

they have such beautiful music with such heartfelt lyrics... ah, my kind of my music :)

oh my, claire's is like my worst nightmare... i'm sorry. everytime i walk by there, my eyes get blinded by the [neon] light, and i get a whif of plastic up my nose, which makes me sneeze incessantly XD

good luck with your novel, as well. coughpostsomeofitcough.
merry christmas, too :)

Mandemonium said...

The thing is, I've decided to write this one by hand. The only stories I've ever finished have been by hand. I can't read my own writing, but it's better having to decode it than not having any writing at all, which is what happens when I use the computer because I just go on the internet.... =/

But maybe I'll post an excerpt. You know, since it's Christmas and you're all such faithful and supportive readers....

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