I can't wait to get on the road for home today! But I have a lot to do first. Packing. Laundry. Delivering a gift to my professor. Checking my mail. Eating as much of my nourishing perishable digestibles as humanly possible so they won't perish in the open meat drawer overnight... er, I mean, so my fridge won't be full of mold when I get back from break. If ANYBODY got the Epic the Man reference, I salute you. XD

So I am quite busy this morning and don't have time for a long post, but I simply HAD to share this link I found on my friend's wall. POKEBALL GO!!

Gonna go pack while listening to techno-screamo.


Brijenieve said...

aw yay!!! have a good christmas break! =D

hahahaha i cracked up at the link gif.

Dee said...

happy holidays!! and thank you for your comment on my pictures... it made my day!!

Anonymous said...

Great post and link.... :D

Happy holidays, and I hope you have a restfull nourishing, peacefull time with your loved ones on break....

I am on break also now for over a month............


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