First day of winter... Third day of non-stop snow

"Right now things are perfect; I don't deserve this." I'm in the middle of reminding myself how amazing Kiros is. I can't decide which song to post. I want to share "Speak Softly" because it feels sort of thematic right now and its sound fits the snowy mood. But "Beautiful" is probably the most amazing song on "A Single Strand." Okay, that's it; you're getting both. And you'd better LISTEN to both. XD

Ebby does the white window test. Yep, it's sticking, all right. A lot.

My little Derry, dwarfed by the pile of snow from shoveling the driveway like 12 times.


carlydee said...

Oh so snowy!
I love the picture with all of the icicles; they're so pretty that it's hard to think of them as lethally dangerous.

krystinadee said...

oh wow!
i thought we got a lot of snow... but looking at these pictures, it looks like we just got a dusting compared to you guys! :|

btw.. sorry for the random :$

Dee said...

looks like you lived in the mountains! ... or do you really xD?

loved the pictures :) wish it snowed in chile!! summer makes me not like christmas even more.

Mandemonium said...

I live just south of Boston. So no mountains. Normally we don't get a lot of snow because we're so close to the ocean; it's usually rain, which is what happened a couple hours after I took these pictures. Yet miraculously.... there is still a good foot of the wet white stuff on the ground.

saraphimiscool said...

aww man! i'm so jealous. i went back to the 60ºF desert just in time for you to get snow. it's seriously spring weather right now. BAHHHH!!!! i don't think i should move back to AZ too soon. i think i'd hate myself. i don't even care if i'd have to shovel it. not at this point. and when i get sick of it, i just move back to the freaking hot, dusty, dead, yellow desert. yup. sounds like a plan.

that one pic of your front door is GORGEOUS. if i didn't know that was your house i would think you stole it from the internet somewhere. furreallies.

XOXO, Sares

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